Samuel Williams

Managing director

Sam's passions include film-making, psychology and travel, when he's not dreaming up the latest campaign idea he can be found behind a camera lens photographing wood-carvings in a temple or some other exotic locale.
In his role as Managing Partner of Aamplify, Sam applies a wealth of practical sales and marketing experience gained in major markets across the world including, the USA and APAC region. Seasoned world traveller aside, Sam has some 20 years in technology, communications and the software game, and he has held several senior marketing roles in the USA.

Sam’s vision of the digital-social change we are experiencing and how it is fundamentally altering the way we market was the inspiration behind Aamplify. He believes that emotionally-led creativity can create the magnetic bond between brands and their customers.

Miracles occur with a change in perception

- Dr Chuck Spezzano