Every business has a story. what's yours?

Today’s customers are intelligent, cynical and demanding. The internet delivers information at their fingertips and they expect businesses to impress. But just as the customer is evolving, so too must the B2B organisation. And that’s where Aamplify comes in.

Aamplify are a vibrant marketing professional services firm, operating Trans Tasman with the head office in Auckland, NZ. We have a strong focus on story-based brand (re)-invention to generate magnetic demand for B2B products, services and/ or organisations. 

As a proud co-marketing agency for all Australian and New Zealand partner organisations, Aamplify work with technology and software Partners to plan, develop and deploy their marketing strategies for demand generation. 

From traditional marketing elements to social media and everything in between, Aamplify have a wealth of co-marketing experience and a proven track record of successfully fulfilling co-marketing requirements, to execute campaigns for business partners that deliver results. Client Partner and previous Head of Marketing for Cisco ANZ, Suzanne Hansen has written an insightful blog post on effective co-marketing in IT which you can read here. 

Our eBook “Get More Leads” provides a high-level overview on how your business can use B2B digital marketing to reach an audience, engage them with your brand story and fill your sales pipeline.

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