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What is inbound marketing and why you should care?

Inbound marketing's methodology is to produce a large volume of helpful and engaging free content—created with your target audience’s needs in mind. Providing prospects with value upfront, makes it more likely to convert new visitors into leads. You need to quickly demonstrate your ability to help them meet their goals.

Customised content allows you to tailor very specific messages, to key problems your prospects face. This makes them more inclined to view your posts. Ultimately, your content should generate a high-quality prospect list, keen to interact with and purchase from your company. The very best content walks first-time visitors from initial engagement to a successful sale—and rewards them with a memorable customer experience.

Inbound methodology's first stage, is attracting the right audience. You want to ensure the correct visitors are coming to your site—ones that need, and can afford your product / service. At this stage, you'll likely encounter strangers and be providing their first exposure to your brand. To be successful, you’ll need content that is current, solves a problem, and is easily relatable to your ideal audience. If your content meets these criteria, you should see visitor numbers grow exponentially.

If you start noticing increased engagement—more comments or ‘likes’—you’ll know that your content is getting traction. It's time for the next inbound methodology stage—converting visitors into leads. Conversion is typically done by producing special content, only viewable if the visitor confirms their email or other personal details. Other methods include newsletter sign-ups, fillable forms, personalised messages, and even virtual meeting invites. Once you’ve proven yourself as a valuable problem-solving resource, prospects are more likely to trade contact details for further helpful information.

Once contact has been made, you’ll know that lead is already interested in your content or brand. From this point, it becomes markedly easier to sell your solution. Turning those leads into new customers can be done through; targeted nurturing strategies, email introductions, or even giveaways.

Finally, you’ll need to bring your attention to turning first-time customers into repeat customers. Ideally, you don’t just want to close another sale. You want to eventually build them into promoters - that speak highly of your brand. The keys to this: provide a customer service experience that exceeds expectations, continue providing smart content, and maintaining meaningful conversations with your audience. The result should be true fans loyal to your brand, and are even willing to do endorse you via their own networks.

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