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Multimedia Makes a Comeback

For years it seems the Southern Hemisphere has been lagging behind in the content marketing phenomenon. How exciting it is then to see the foundations for solid strategy being widely implemented in businesses on both sides of the ditch. According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than half of Australian marketers have identified as being clear on what effective content marketing programs look like. It’s a good start, but what’s next?

Arguably the most complex facet to ensuring a business has a foolproof content marketing strategy is diversification. The stories that businesses tell are unique and differentiate their brands from the rest of the herd, so why should the content they push online be any different? With content marketing budgets set to increase in 2016 across Australia, now is the time to spread your wings and show the world what you’ve got with a multimedia content strategy.

What’s available?

In the first instance, it’s important to understand what platforms are available to businesses pushing content. Whether it is digital-based, print-based, or in-person, these platforms must be dynamic, and complement each other to add to your story. After all, every piece of content is not necessarily a demand generation tool in itself, it is the cumulative effect of a multi-channel content strategy that will drive customer awareness and influence the buyer’s journey for your business. Creating an environment in which customers are happy to vouch for your business and share your story on your behalf really is the ultimate goal.

An example that springs to mind immediately is Australia’s very own Black Milk Clothing. Having never promoted a post or paid for a like, Black Milk Clothing has close to 700,000 followers on Facebook and push user-generated-content better than most. Using customer’s “selfies” to model the fashion label's leggings, as well as promotional videos, has sparked a religious following for the brand that many organisations can only dream of.

Mix it up

The internet’s inherent staying power will work in business’ favour with a multimedia approach to content generation. We now not only see blogs and videos, but infographics, podcasts, SlideShare presentations, buyers’ guides, eBooks and PR stories to name a few. And using online and mobile platforms, businesses can now reach different audiences through content on landing pages and apps.  What’s more, all of this occurs while being continuously accessible and susceptible for material recycling.

Commonwealth Bank have led the way in establishing a coherent and diversified content marketing strategy and what’s more – they’re doing good for communities. The Australian-owned bank runs two websites concurrently: the company page – sharing banking tips and blogs regarding money matters, as well as “Australian Of The Day” which allows the public to nominate “good-sorts” for recognition. The “#Ausoftheday” creates constant discussion and sharing of pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for complete saturation. And to top it all off, the bank offers its own app for banking services anywhere.

The worth of multimedia content to any business is measurable in audience engagement and immersion. And alike to your content, your audience grows and diversifies over time too.

For more information on how to create a diverse variety of content that your audience will love check out our Content that Generates Demand eBook today.

Jemma Hunter

Jemma is Demand Generation Consultant and Campaign Manager at Aamplify, liaising with clients, guiding them through campaigns and ensuring complete understanding, as well as best possible results.