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Embodying The Mentor

It's birthday central in the office today. And while we will be celebrating in true Aamplify style (wink, wink) November 2nd also gives us the perfect opportunity to also pay tribute to our friend, leader and mentor - Samuel Williams.

We see a lot of businesses and organisations today aspiring to be recognised as the ‘trusted advisor’ in their sector.  Clearly, there is equity and market share to be claimed as a result of this positioning. The incentives may be clear, but sometimes the motivations are not.

As marketers and storytellers, we know that in today’s digital landscape actually connecting with your audience is essential. And to truly connect, the beholder needs to experience authenticity and trust in your motivations. To be known as a trusted advisor is to embody the essence of The Mentor.

At Aamplify, we consider ourselves quite lucky to experience The Mentor every day in our founder and managing partner. It is a privilege to work alongside someone who is not only committed to our industry, to marketing, to technology, and to our clients’ success in the market place but to living his values. What makes us want to come to work each day and deliver quality outcomes for our clients is the experience of our trusted Mentor—the open heart, the generous teacher, and excellent listener.

Sam embodies these qualities and has instilled a culture of mentoring at Aamplify. His leadership gives us purpose and the knowledge that what we are doing matters. He pulls us toward our best selves. And since one of his companion archetypes is most definitely The Provocateur, every once and a while he also gives a little shove. But we can take it because like The Mentor, we like to believe that he is also an excellent judge of character!

It is said that a brand is less about what you say and more about what others say about you. The mark of authenticity follows a similar logic. Being known as a true mentor is lived in the recognition by others—by those fortunate enough to learn from their mentor’s knowledge and experience leadership that inspires us to do their best every day.  We have that in Sam. 

Happy birthday to you, Mr. Williams. And thank you.