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Buyer research matters: Why it’s important and how to use it

The value of buyer research

At Aamplify, everything we do starts with our customer and their buyers in mind, here’s why:

  • Your buyer, not your solution, needs to be at the centre of your universe for marketing.

Buyer research helps you create buyer personas (a representation of your ideal buyers). These personas help get your stakeholders aligned around critical insights about the buyer you’re targeting with your content.

  • You have 30 seconds or less, when someone picks up your marketing materials, to convince them that you can help.

The buyer is saying, “You better tell me something from the beginning that blows my mind, changes my world, or makes me say, ‘Where have you been all my life?’”. To achieve this, it's crucial you know your buyers.

  • Your buyers will move on to a competitor if your content isn't easy to find or doesn't provide answers.

A trend is emerging with buyers of complex B2B products – they are decreasing their engagement with your salespeople until they have narrowed their options to just a few solutions. As buyers consider your content which is tailored to them, they are more likely to connect with you compared to your competition.

  • The distinction between buyer and customer is critical because marketers assume all-too-often that customer experience tells the full story.

The buyer persona goes a critical step further to reveal the story behind the business that doesn’t come to you.

  • With so much to say about your product, which part do you talk about?

The answer lies in being completely clear about what each of your buyers wants to know at each step in their evaluation process.

Aamplify buyer research

How to use buyer research

Here at Aamplify, we are change agents. We exist to help companies deliver compelling on-brand stories, experiences, content and socially-relevant marketing communications in an evolving, digital world. Our mission is to connect Business to People (B2P) to create tangible marketing outcomes and it all starts with understanding buyers.

The buyer research process was integral in our work rebranding Andrew Stewart Limited, an environmental and planning consultancy, to 4Sight Consulting.

We began this project by conducting buyer research and developing personas of 4Sight’s different buyers. This factual process helped inform our work to rebrand 4Sight and develop a core message set which would underpin content going forward.

Here’s what 4Sight had to say about the process and working with us:

If you want to see how these findings influenced the messaging and brand development for 4Sight, take a look at our portfolio: