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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Hubspot


At Aamplify, Hubspot tops our list of recommendations to clients who are looking for a new marketing platform.

It brings together everything you need to carry out your day-to-day marketing tasks, and connects them to sales and service. Hubspot empowers you to run more effective content marketing campaigns. Its powerful functionality allows you to see exactly what's happening across all of your campaigns - while also breaking down task analysis at a holistic level. You’ll know exactly where to invest, and what to pull back on.

Before you hit the go button, here are a few things to take into account with the potential to make (or break) your campaign:


1. What are your target buyer personas?

The most critical thing to consider for any Hubspot campaign is who your audience is, their demographics, and what channels they will see your content on. If you end up pursuing the wrong buyer persona, you risk the whole campaign being shown to a market who may not be interested in your business.


2. What are the issues that you can help solve?

Once you know whom you’re marketing to, you need to make sure that specific audience has an issue that your business can fix. Even if they are the ideal age, gender, location, etc., your reader may not have a need for what you offer. The content you produce needs to be dedicated to the section of your audience that has the problem you can solve. Keep in mind when you’re writing it, though, that different parts of your audience may be in various phases of the buyer's journey. They will need different information to support where they are.


3. What is the best format to deliver your message?

A successful buyer's journey starts with a stranger finding your content and ends with them becoming a repeat customer. You’ll need to generate eye-catching content that sparks interest and builds trust. You’ll need to do it in the format that is best suited to your target demographic. The goal is to earn your place at the top of your audience’s minds when they encounter a problem you can solve. Then bring them back to your site so you can make the sale. The only way that’ll happen is if your message is in the right place for them to see it, and leads them back to you.


4. How will you pursue your leads?

Once you have an idea of where your audience will see your content, you’ll need to plan for how you will actually sell to them. A good starting point is posting content to your blog, followed by a request for the reader’s email address. This could be done through a voluntary newsletter signup or by offering other premium, gated content in return for their contact information. This way, you’ll be able to send them a more personalised email based on the blog posts they’ve read. You can highlight which product or service offers the ideal solution to their problem.


5. How will you optimise your content?

The best part of creating customised content is that it helps with your website’s SEO. You can tie in keywords to your website, blog, SEM to improve your web/Google rankings on organic searches. Take it to a whole new level by increasing your content’s relevance to your audience, and include details like meta tags, proper titles and calls-to-action.


We hope you enjoyed our list of things you should know before buying Hubspot. But of course, the number one thing to help you make the most of Hubspot, is high quality content. If you need great posts to lift your business from the crowd, get in touch with Aamplify’s expert team of storytellers. Make yourself heard.

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