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5 reasons why Buyer Persona Research really matters in getting marketing results

Developing a marketing plan or building a new website? Here are the 5 things you need to know before you get started...


1. The difference between a customer and a buyer…

Did you know there is a difference? A customer is someone who has brought from you already. A buyer is someone who has never brought from you before. Talking to customers will not tell you what buyers want to know. You can conduct a customer survey, but you need to talk to prospective buyers to understand them, and their journey. If you don’t have the budget to do this one simple thing then you are flying blind.


2. Not all buyer persona research is equal…

Google “Buyer Persona Template” and you will find a dozen different templates. Most of these have grossly oversimplified what really needs to be asked and how the process should be undertaken. If you are really going to understand what your buyers are looking for, use a proven credible methodology like the Buyer Persona Institute (developed by Adele Revella), and either invest in the training or get an accredited Buyer Persona Researcher to undertake it.


3. Doing it right first time, is not as expensive as you might think… 

The secret to meaningful personas is talking to the right people. It does not have to be too large a number, but it does need to be a phone interview at a minimum (not a survey). It also needs to be with those people who are involved in the decision-making process. Most importantly it needs to be with your most recent buyers or organisations that you lost business from. These often yield the best insights. It’s also the reason why using a third party to interview works better. Buyers are likely to reveal more to them, than to your employee.


4. Understand that you are building a relationship…

…not just transacting. Data will only give you half the picture, sentiment and understanding how your business relationships are formed is the secret to a great marketing plan or a truly engaging web experience. Digital marketing could be described as the tool that enables you to scale your business relationships – leads after all are just “first dates”. Know what makes you attractive and appealing and you will have better success with your audience.


5. Success comes with understanding and context…

Walking in someone else’s shoes, gives context so our messages are appropriate and timely on the path to purchase. Empathy is a powerful force to enable success. Come to grips with what triggers problem identification and solution searches. Understand what steps prospects take. See who’s involved in the decision. And what success means to your buyer. Then overcome any other perceived barriers in dealing with your organisation. All are vital steps to successful inbound marketing.


If you're looking for informed insight to guide your marketing, give us a call. We'll help you ensure data, not opinion, informs your next marketing endeavour.

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