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5 common mistakes implementing Hubspot


The 5 most common things digital marketers get wrong with Hubspot, and what to do about it…


1. Automating marketing?

Marketing is an imprecise craft. It is not a science and it is not an art. What we have observed is to start with your process first, and use technology to solve the automation of that process. If a piece of technology is implemented without a clear marketing strategy and set of tactics, you run the risk of the system not being fit for purpose. It is like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.


2. Inbound marketing is an approach and a mindset…

If your key stakeholders (e.g. CEO and CMO) aren’t 100% clear about the value and necessary commitment of a long-term inbound approach, then expect a hard time getting results. The cost of the technology should represent no more than 5% of your total marketing operational budget. The commitment to inbound should not be taken lightly. The good news is that it works, but you must have the appetite for it to work.


3. Size really matters…

How big your potential market is, makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of a platform like Hubspot. Marketing automation systems are designed to deal with large contact and interaction volumes. Small markets require an approach that leverages relationship building versus "burn & churn" contact strategies. Make sure you are clear about the size of your target market and segments, so that the tactics you use with Hubspot marry to the outcomes you seek.


4. You’re building a relationship…

…not just transacting. The advent of social media has changed the playing field. Social by definition is all about relationship building. This is especially true for Business to Business (B2B), Education and the Public Sector. Understanding your customer lifecycle, then making appropriate offers based on their stage of the buying journey is key. Hence marketing success increasingly relies on automation and analytics.


5. Know thy buyers

Developing buyer personas are crucial when implementing Hubspot. Buyer personas should inform your overall marketing plan, NOT just your marketing automation. The biggest mistake is using buyer personas for the wrong purpose, and in too little depth. They are then often too trivial to really make a difference. A serious investment that you need to make is to understand your buyers - as this video from Deloitte shows.


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Samuel Williams

With Aamplify, I’m bringing to life a vision of a marketing company that spans the fearsome gap between new digital media and traditional channels. The aim is to provide forward-looking businesses with compelling brand stories that encourage an emotional connection between their products + services and the people who use them.