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vGRID: Achieving big results on a small budget

Waikato-based vGRID is a New Zealand owned and operated cloud services platform providing a range of on-demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to Kiwi businesses. Its services include everything from a single mailbox to a complex setup of virtual and dedicated servers, storage, desktops and phone systems.

The company recently rebranded from theCloud to vGRID and have focused their technology efforts on developing a comprehensive cloud offering targeted at SMB’s.  They work closely with key technology partners such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Veeam and others on co-branded marketing campaigns.

To demonstrate thought leadership, raise the profile of vGRID’s CEO and increase brand awareness and engagement, vGRID turned to Aamplify to develop a digital and online media campaign to target both New Zealand technology resellers and end-user corporate audiences.


The Brief

With a new GTM model via the reseller channel, and a new brand to communicate in the cloud services market, vGRID wanted to execute a digital marketing campaign with a modest budget, to drive awareness and promote new and existing content.

There were two key audiences they wanted to tap into and engage with:

  • The New Zealand technology reseller community, who can on-sell vGRID solutions to corporate New Zealand End-user companies in the SMB market who can benefit from utilising the vGRID platform.




The Approach

While the focus of the digital campaign was to increase brand awareness, the central asset to be used was a solution video, explaining the vGRID offering, its technology alliance with HPE and how customers can benefit from their solutions and services.

We decided that a traditional outbound ‘spray and pray’ approach wouldn’t work for a new player with little brand awareness in the busy New Zealand technology market.

We collated the video along with some of vGRID’s existing engaging assets and incorporated some new pieces into a showcase landing page.

This page displayed the vGRID solution video in the centre but then led users to interact with a range of other content depending on their preference which we could then track.

Included on the landing page were links to:

- An outline of vGRID’s services
- An outline of vGRID’s virtual server options
- A video on vGRID and HPE’s partnership
- A case study
- A how-to video on deploying a virtual server using vGRID
- A sponsored story on the Channel Life about vGRID’s expertise
- The vGRID LinkedIn page to stay up to date

We created eDMs to promote the landing page and these were sent to resellers via vGRID’s distributor Exeed. We also designed and wrote both paid and organic LinkedIn posts for vGRID’s existing LinkedIn page and developed a wraparound skin banner for use in a sponsored media campaign on TechDay’s websites – IT Brief and Channel Life.


The Outcomes

The eDM was sent out by New Zealand distributor Exeed to 1600 reseller contacts with 1196 total confirmed opens, and 55 click-throughs to the landing page.

The online media campaign we created to run on TechDay’s websites also generated impressive results. The skin banner received more than 14,000 impressions and over 113 click throughs. The sponsored story was read by 1700 people from around New Zealand.

LinkedIn Ads (Direct) had an average click-to-conversion rate of 19.15%, which is well above the industry standard of 3.5-4.0% and generated 130 social engagements with the content.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.32.14 AM.png


Feedback from the Client

vGRID’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Sophie Dennis, was satisfied with the results. She achieved her goals of getting the new vGRID brand out to both the New Zealand reseller and end-user communities and explaining their solutions without having to break the bank doing it.

“I’m delighted with the outcomes Aamplify delivered in helping us generate awareness of our brand and our expertise in the market.”

“Aamplify showed us that effective marketing campaigns aren’t just for big companies with big budgets. It’s important to have a targeted approach, rather than spending up big and hoping that we get great engagement from the right people.”

By helping vGRID move away from a strictly outbound approach towards an inbound method, we were able to successfully use eDMs, LinkedIn posting, video and featured content to increase campaign engagement with the audience.

“I would recommend Aamplify for any technology vendor looking to run their next campaign. They provided us with innovative ideas and cut-through in a busy technology market, and helped us to meet our campaign objectives with proven results.”

Sophie Dennis, Marketing & Communications Manager, LayerX Group


Aamplify can create your in-bound digital strategy with the story your business needs to boost audience interaction and achieve campaign ROI. Talk to Aamplify’s team today. Contact -

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