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5 Trends for Content Marketing in 2016: #4 Everything is Fragmenting

Content marketing continues to gain traction as a B2B lead generation tool amongst business of all shapes and sizes. Everybody is talking about it, doing it, or talking about doing it.  But the art and science of content marketing are evolving quickly and in the modern, frantic world of the 21st Century business, it can be hard to keep up with what is and isn’t working for B2B organisations. Going into the holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 trends you need to be aware of in the coming year. Put the right foot forward in 2016 with a strong content marketing strategy.


4. everything is fragmenting

Don’t expect 2016 to be the year where it all becomes clear again!

1. The death of print will continue – especially with the introduction of bigger tablets (see tomorrow’s post on this).

2. The digitisation of our social interaction will continue – with the lines between the physical and digital worlds now forever blurred.

3. The big shift into cognitive computing is going to dramatically shift what’s possible in understanding your buyers and what and when to serve them up meaningful content.

All of this underscores the need for a multi-channel, multi-touch approach and perhaps most importantly, the need to double-down on content, while experimenting with new ways to get that content in front of your audience.

One example of why such an approach makes sense is ad blocking technology. Consider this….

Adoption of ad blocking technology has risen steadily in recent years, from 21 million users in 2010, to over 181 million users in January 2015. In previous times content blocking has only been available for desktop but with Apple announcing its support for the technology on smartphones, allowing content blocking extensions to be added to Safari in iOS 9, it is expected adoption of ad blockers will continue to increase throughout 2016.

This poses some potential issues for marketers that rely on paid advertising to distribute their content online. Paid advertising includes display, remarketing, search and video ads. To get around this issue content marketers will need to focus on diversifying their distribution channels across search and social and establishing a robust measurement strategy to better understand which platforms are delivering the greatest ROI.

What strategies will you adopt in 2016 to diversify how content gets into the hands of your audience?

Today’s consumers are intelligent, cynical and demanding. The internet delivers knowledge at their fingertips and they expect businesses to impress. But just as the consumer is evolving, so too must the B2B organisation. If your business is looking to increase ROI on their marketing efforts in the New Year, then download our free eBook “The 5 Essentials to Get More Leads” and start achieving your goals today.

5 Trends for Content Marketing in 2016

1. Online Video

2. Engage Me

3. Multi-Channel Becomes King

4. Everything is Fragmenting

5. Mobile Form Factor Evolutions

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