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The GhostWriter

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and in the modern-day digital world, a ghostwriter is a great example.

The ability to create a brilliant concept, and communicate it effectively, are not one and the same. Ghostwriters fill the gap between innovative thinking and creative storytelling by using their wordsmith mastery to bring ideas to life. It's a hard task (that defeats most) and one that is often overlooked, which is why we want to celebrate our very own ghostwriter – literary genius and content-strategist extraordinaire – Thomas Patterson! 

Earlier last week we were informed that an article written by Thomas, had been picked up by Computer World – a leading source of technology news and analysis in New Zealand. Computer World’s readership is mostly IT decision makers, managers and professionals.

As a content strategist, a lot of Thomas’ time goes into researching complex technical subject matter in order to create the correct tone and use the right terminology for the audience being addressed.

Looks like it’s paid off – Thomas is stoked!

Thomas’ article was about Software Defined Data Centres - a particularly technical topic. Though this is just one topic amongst many that he has to get his head around on any given day. Oenology (everything to do with wine-making) was amongst last week's work, as well as top-secret defence related content. He could tell you, but he’d probably have to kill you.

Well done Thomas – one of the everyday heroes on the team @ Aamplify.

Thomas Patterson

When he’s not writing and strategising you might struggle to track him down, as he’s likely to be roaming new destinations both in New Zealand and abroad.