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Content is the New Black

You might have observed that everybody is now obsessed with content, but what does content actually mean? Since Google changed their algorithms that now favours quality and sharable content, there has been a surge in the market around content marketing to drive lead generation and sales.

Content can be anything from a blog post, a video, a whitepaper, an app, and anything in between. There is a movement taking place with marketing departments who are adopting a content driven approach. The key shift in focus is moving away from a product-orientated style, to creating meaningful and insightful content that informs and educates the prospect or customer along the buying journey.

Multimedia might be a term you remember seeing on your 2004 camera phone, but the types of content and media now used to communicate in the marketplace are that of a multi-channel selection. Video as one example in recent times has become a powerful mechanism for sharing insightful content to an audience, and increases a first page Google ranking by 53x* 

People no longer want to be told how your product benefits them, they want to be educated on what pain points are being solved, and shown added value to their decision making process regardless of what vendor they choose. To find out what content you need, download our guide ‘Content to Generate Demand’.


Sam Howie

Sam Howie has given his heart to digital and social marketing and enjoys challenging the norms that traditional advertising agencies have been trading on for years.