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The Importance of Influencers for Startups

So, you're a start up and are raring to get some market traction. Content marketing is a key component of driving rapid growth, but does your content appeal to the right audiences? Do you even have a content marketing strategy? 

Part of having great content is knowing who you want your content to appeal to. Really knowing your audience is vital and this means going beyond the typical customer demographics. In fleshing out your audience, it is important to understand what potential buyers do throughout the decision making process, who and what are their influencers are and how they evaluate alternatives to your offering. The reality is that an in-depth understanding of your audience takes time, research and patience. However, the long term benefits justify the investment as you will be able to create highly personalised and engaging content that will attract better quality leads to your business.

One of the key audiences that your content marketing needs to appeal to is influencers. These are people who are likely to advocate, pioneer or recommend your product. They are the Facebook likers, Twitter retweeters, Pinterest pinners and at their most powerful, might be celebrities or YouTube personalities. But not all influencers are as well known - they are just as likely to be customers who have become avid fans and can't stop talking about your product. This is especially true in the case of technology startups - if you've truly solved a problem for someone they will want to tell others, so make sure you have content available that they will want to share with their connections

The voice of an influencer carries weight in a way advertising can not - building product awareness and highly qualify word of mouth referrals. So having content that will engage your influencers, on platforms they are likely to use, is critical. Its important to think outside the box when brainstorming who influencers might be in the case of your business. Investors are also likely to be proponents of your offering, and if you've crowd funded equity for your company or utilised a platform like Kickstarter you may well have quite a few people with a keen interest in your success.

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Samuel Williams

With Aamplify, I’m bringing to life a vision of a marketing company that spans the fearsome gap between new digital media and traditional channels. The aim is to provide forward-looking businesses with compelling brand stories that encourage an emotional connection between their products + services and the people who use them.