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Staging Your Development

Content marketing is focused on generating sustainable demand for your business by building credibility and forming relationships through the use of content. Chances are you've heard about how content marketing adds value, but is your organisation ready to transform their approach to marketing? As with any change, managing it is essential to getting all the relevant stakeholders on board.

If you think it will be a challenge to get internal buy-in due to lack of understanding, or have to battle against more traditional mindsets that can't see past advertising and promotion, it is best to opt for making small changes in your current marketing strategy to justify placing bigger changes in the future. Being able to measure and illustrate the results of smaller additions can mean more resources for the next, bigger step.

Incorporating content marketing into your overall strategy doesn't necessarily mean completely removing traditional marketing methods. Since 86% of consumers still end up buying a product they heard of from an ad, methods such as print ads and product placement should not be ignored. These methods still help build awareness of your brand, where as content marketing nurtures this awareness into sustainable demand. Overall, content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Be prepared to measure and adapt as you go, and invest in small steps over blind leaps.

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