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Share Your Story With Content Marketing

Traditional Marketing is becoming less effective and harder to measure. Bombarded by a deluge of messages everyday, consumers have become adept at ignoring marketing efforts. They mute and fast forward commercials, flip past print ads, and throw away flyers; becoming more demanding of the messages they receive from brands. On the flip side, consumers are not fickle. If you can create a genuine connection with your consumers, they can become a source of sustainable demand for your business.

Creating this connection is the purpose of the content marketing. It is a way of educating and providing value whilst letting people know who you are. The content must be something people will want to read, share and engage with; it should be interactive and timely. Ultimately, the goal is to show prospective customers why they might want to do with business with you at some point in their journey, rather than with your competitors.  

Kim Crawford Wines effectively utilises its Facebook page to share their brand story. They upload images of natural scenery and elegant events, following fashion trends and share cocktail recipes and fashion advice. In this way they illustrate their ‘personality’ as one of natural sophistication and luxury. Additionally, they regularly posts opinions from company employees about their favourite wines and holiday spots. All of this helps to show who Kim Crawford Wines is and adheres to their promise to “undo ordinary”.

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Samuel Williams

With Aamplify, I’m bringing to life a vision of a marketing company that spans the fearsome gap between new digital media and traditional channels. The aim is to provide forward-looking businesses with compelling brand stories that encourage an emotional connection between their products + services and the people who use them.