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Getting The Right Technology For Content Marketing

If you're working for a marketing department that has recently embraced content marketing, you've no doubt witnessed the number of leads inbound marketing can generate - but are you ready and able to convert the right leads to sales? Manual processes are time consuming and inefficient, which means you need the right tools with which to create, implement and measure the impact of your strategy.

Marketing automation software can help you measure the contribution each marketing program has on lead generation and customer acquisition, from content marketing to traditional advertising channels. Knowing the numbers behind where your customers are coming from, and what they like and don't like helps to sustain and improve your engagement strategies. Marketing automation can also help you turn ‘first interest’ leads into ‘sales ready’ leads in a way that won't pressure or alienate your customers. Marketing technology uses methods such as lead scoring to guide leads through the purchase cycle so information given and actions taken to close the sale are done in a timely and organic manner.

Getting the right technology for your content marketing strategy takes a lot of the uncertainty out of measurement and nurturing leads. To find out more about how technology can change the way you market, download the Streetwise Guide to Content Marketing eBook.


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