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Content Marketing And The Tech Age

Consumers have evolved. They have learned to ignore the constant deluge of traditional marketing messages. Spurred on by the rise of communication technology, they have become more active in their information search, more cynical of traditional marketing and more demanding of what they want to see. Avenues for information gathering have expanded phenomenally and they now prefer word of mouth and social media engagement to traditional methods such as TV and print. In fact, although 47% of global consumers still trust traditional marketing methods, this trust declined by 23% since 2009. With so many choices, consumers want to pick the one that offers them the most meaningful connection to the brand - opting for a brand that offers personalised, one on one, two way communication.

Having a message that does not resonate with consumers means that you do not differentiate yourself from the crowd which can result in fewer leads down your sales pipeline. Taking advantage of technology, just as consumers have, can give you an edge in getting your content ready to attract customers. Moving your business into the cloud means that your business is more mobile and can respond to consumers in real-time. Additionally, social media is the promised land of word of mouth referrals. With consumers perceiving word of mouth referrals (90%) and consumer opinions (75%) most relevant to them in terms of business media, utilising platforms such as Facebook, twitter and blogs can be a great boost to generating sustainable demand

Consumers are leveraging technology to make their purchase experiences suit them. Leveraging technology as a business means you can turn more leads into sales by reaching more consumers with your content and responding faster to their demands.

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