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Startups and KPI Measurement

Content marketing is the key to scaling your startup, but like all strategies, it requires ongoing measurement and modification. By offering content that is relevant and engaging, you are building a relationship with the customer that will generate sustainable demand for your business.

Rather than pushing the same content to all prospects, best practice is to segment buyers and ensure that only content relevant to them and their point on the sales lifecycle they sit is reaching them. It isn't a one-size fits all strategy and requires time to perfect - its a marathon, not a sprint. As you measure how prospects are engaging and interacting with your content, you will be able to modify your material to better move leads to the next stage in the cycle.

Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs) is a critical first step in knowing whether your content is hitting the mark. As a starting point, these may include frequency of site visits relative to downloads and social likes or shares. When these KPIs are chosen they must be continuously measured, but it is important to note they may change as your strategy progresses. For example, as your marketing strategy becomes more mature, your organisation is likely to adopt marketing automation technology so that it can measure KPIs through the full spectrum. For example, measuring visitors to contacts to leads to sales across the many campaigns running automatically to decrease time spent on manual processing and improve reporting reliability.

Changes to your tactics should be expected as the market environment changes. This is why measurement and the ability to adapt is critical. Overall, it is about getting the right content out to your audience in the right way. When you start to understand what content resonates with your audience that results in more bigger ticket sales, you know to focus your efforts on that type of content.

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