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Hero Video - BuddyBid Case Study

New category products are often best explained using video. This was the scenario for one of our clients, BuddyBid, who needed to communicate their message in a way that could be easily understood, whilst demonstrating the value of their product.


In a nutshell BuddyBid is a live social auction tool. It’s a unique piece of software that sits in Facebook allowing businesses to turn ‘likes’ into revenue on their Facebook page. It allows companies to auction products to their fan base, with the benefit of having social virality.

We were commissioned to come up with a concept that would get cut-thru to mid-level marketing managers, but also easily understood by C-Suite executives. After all, those who use video on their website experience higher conversion rates of up to 65% more than those who don’t*.

The result? "We are incredibly pleased with the final product from Aamplify! Their creative process, story development, video production, and account management capabilities are world class." – Ken Brickley, CEO and Co-Founder, BuddyBid. 

*Aberdeen Group Research


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