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Using Marketing Automation to take on Global Markets - MetService

Recently I got to hear about an interesting Kiwi exporter - the MetService.

While the weather is the single most popular topic of conversation, weather forecasts are what we rely on to make better decisions, on a day-to-day basis. From snow reports, to marine forecasts, we use weather forecasting to help us make decisions around what to wear, to where we plan on going, on any given day.

What most people don't know is that the NZ MetService is a major exporter, under the MetraWeather brand name. Last year alone, some $10 mill of weather forecasting, was sold into overseas markets. Companies like Marks and Spencer in the UK use forecasts from MetraWeather to predict what to put on store shelves. A Hong Kong broadcaster beams weather reports crafted in a Wellington studio, to its local audience. 

So how do you market such a unique proposition and target a very specific audience?

Marketing Automation from Marketo, is one of the key tactics that the Met Service use to connect with that audience. Jacqui Bridges explains some of the in's and out's of this in the case study below.

For me, it was a fascinating story to hear about how an unusual hi-tech exporter is able to nurture and connect with prospects, as they move from awareness, to consideration and ultimately to make a purchase decision. And most importantly how a Kiwi business is making waves on the world stage.

Learn more about the benefits of Marketing Automation here.

Samuel Williams

With Aamplify, I’m bringing to life a vision of a marketing company that spans the fearsome gap between new digital media and traditional channels. The aim is to provide forward-looking businesses with compelling brand stories that encourage an emotional connection between their products + services and the people who use them.