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Buyer Persona Research Casestudy - Deloitte Private

You can develop and implement a Marketing Programme in one of two ways. With a Scattergun or a Sniper shot. 

All too often marketing programmes are developed based on a set of opinions from a few people inside the organisation with some quantitative customer data. With limited data sets to influence opinion and no market validation this will only lead to a scattergun strategy. Riding the luck-train may work from time to time, but most companies don't have the budgets or time to find out.

Data beats opinion, every time.

I prefer the sniper approach. This case study will take you through how Aamplify worked with Deloitte Private, learning about their buyers and connecting the brand to buyers through an optimised digital strategy.

Understanding who your buyers actually are and what they are looking for makes a real difference to marketing efficiency.  Buyer research helps you eliminate the guesswork, be more efficient and sets the right tone through your marketing content.

Using a telephone interview process we develop a picture of your buyers. What they do, why they came to you and how they went about evaluating you against the competition.

  • Buyers are people considering your product for the first time
  • Customers are people who have purchased your product before

They are and create very different data sets and insights. 

The insights gathered from this qualitative research help validate market and management opinion and trends. 

In the case with Deloitte Private, 4 key insights emerged from the Buyer Persona research. We found buyers had 3 key motivations to approach Deloitte

  1. Help leveraging Global Business development opportunities
  2. Heavy lifting to help solve specific challengers
  3. Technology solutions to improve business processes

So we made these front and centre, pulling them through to the home page. 

Finally we heard buyers would gain confidence approaching Deloitte through personal connections, referrals and recommendations. So we made it easier for people to connect with Deloitte staff through a LinkedIn integration on the home page.

Once you login with LinkedIn you can see first and second degree relationships that connect you with Deloitte staff. 

Buyer persona research eliminated the guess work, gave clarity to website design and functionality requirements, and set the tone for future content creation.


Stage two in marketing optimisation would involve implementing Marketing Automation Software like Marketo. Sitting between your Website, Marketing programs and your CRM, Marketing Automation software enables marketers to:

Track, analyse and score leads through the sales funnel

Automate email and social interactions based on user actions

Attribute sales to specific marketing content/tactics resulting in clear ROI


Sam Howie

Sam Howie has given his heart to digital and social marketing and enjoys challenging the norms that traditional advertising agencies have been trading on for years.