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New Service: Facebook Retargeting

Aamplify can now offer your business Facebook Retargeting. 

What's retargeting? 

Have you ever visited a website, and then noticed adverts for that business popping up on other websites you visit? That's retargeting.

When people visit your website, a specific landing page or even fall off half way through completing the shopping cart checkout you can retarget them with relevant content, offers and incentives to bring them back and close the sale.


It's a highly effective way to increase brand recognition and continue to promote your products or services after the person has left your website.

We've been running retarketing campaigns for clients through Google for some time. Now we can offer you the same service through Facebook's newsfeed.  

Here's how retargeting works.

Retargeting is a highly cost effective way to reconnect with people after they have visited your website, failed to complete purchases online or researched specific products or services on your website.



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