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How well are big-box retailers at engaging their Facebook Fans

Big brands in New Zealand, Australia and the United States spend big budgets on growing their Facebook fan base, developing campaigns and content they hope will motivate fans to click, share and buy. 

We reviewed some of the biggest retail brands in each of these three countries and took a snapshot of their engagement rates.

People Talking About This [PTAT] is a rolling 7-day metric, updated every 24 hours, and includes all page likes, post likes/comments/shares, @ tags, wall posts and event RSVPs. 

PTAT interactions are all the things you want to see happening on your brand page to increase your organic reach, and prove your brand is resonating with and relevant to your audience on a daily basis.  

Find out more about Facebook Engagement rates in our previous blog post. 

You need engagement to convert your audience to action.

On the left you have the percentage engagement rates. This is calculated by dividing the PTAT number by the total number of fans x 100.

Kmart in Australia stand out. This could be a result of a paid media campaign.

The majority of these retailers Facebook pages have an engagement rate of less than 2%. That means at least 98% of their fans did not care or were not compelled to like, share or otherwise act.

Harvey Norman in Australia at 4.5% engagement rate are converting their audience into actions. Whilst Harvey Norman in New Zealand at just 0.18% are failing to connect with their audience.

While this metric is not the be-all-end-all statistic, but it is an important indicator as to whether a brand is generating any ROI from their social media marketing program

The one consistent thread is most brands are broadcasting, offers, sales and discounts which requires little to no involvement from a fan. This makes it increasingly difficult to track sales conversions and understand what marketing tactics are actually paying dividends.

Whether you have 100 fans or 100,000 if they are not engaging in your content and stories what's the point

Important to note:

  • This is not a scientific report.
  • Numbers used are publicly visible
  • Page admins may see higher PTAT scores for various reasons.  
  • PTAT scores don't account for dark posts, gated content or post-code targeted posts that are frequently used in the USA.


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