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The Power of a Brand

The Haka - a powerful symbol of The All Blacks brand.

The Haka - a powerful symbol of The All Blacks brand.

What is it about the All Blacks that makes me feel so passionate about the silver fern? What is it about this rugby team that unlocks a particular sense of patriotism and loyalty that can only be surfaced when watching an All Black test match? What is that feeling we get in our stomach when the All Blacks are about to do the haka?

Could this come down to my love of the game? Perhaps, or maybe it’s something more sentimental than that. It could be that this brand is built on the ethos of mana, tradition, hard work and a hell of-a-lot of prestige. A brand that evokes an emotional and devoted reaction from it’s fans, or as we would say in marketing, the holy-grail of a brand relationships.

The All Blacks for me demonstrate everything that’s right about a brand. They’re aspirational, something that people desire to be a part of and associated with. Brands now need to be much more than just a logo and a purpose statement; they need to be an experience. And there’s nothing quite like the experience of walking into a sold-out Eden Park All Blacks test match, with fifty thousand people dressed in black.

How does your brand measure up against something like the All Blacks? Sure, they are a unique team and hard to compare against, but what type of experience does your brand provide? Whether it is an online experience or in-store, organisations need to continually assess their brand, and explore how they can break away from the corporate norms formed today that restrain so many Kiwi company brands. It’s time to think outside of the box in terms of your brand story and brand experience, or else some of your customers might just start supporting the other team.

Sam Howie

Sam Howie has given his heart to digital and social marketing and enjoys challenging the norms that traditional advertising agencies have been trading on for years.