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It's not all about the likes, bro

There's more to Facebook than just attaining Likes. 

There's more to Facebook than just attaining Likes. 

“How many Likes does your company’s Facebook page have?”

A question I’m sure you’ve heard, maybe even asked, and one I’m all too familiar with. When talking to people they’re fixated on number of Likes they’ve got on their Facebook page, and to be honest it’s annoying. There’s more to Facebook than gaining likes for your brand’s Facebook page.

We now live in a digital world where even the smallest of business has a website and a Facebook page, which I think is fantastic. People are now realising the need to engage with people via social media, or more than anything giving them mediums they prefer to communicate and options to do so.

Social success is not measured by the number of Facebook fans you have, rather by the engagement rate.

Your Facebook engagement rate is based on your page interactions. To calculate your engagement rate take the total PTAT (people talking about this), and divide that by the total number of page likes. PTAT is a rolling 7-day period, updated every 24 hours, and includes all page likes, post likes/comments/shares, @ tags, wall posts and event RSVPs, and is displayed on your Facebook page and beside your logo.

Facebook have a filtering algorithm called EdgeRank, which basically limits the exposure your posts have for your audience, with average number of fans seeing your posts being around 16% (according to Facebook). I know what you’re thinking, pretty bloody frustrating right!? Although this might be Facebook’s cunning plan to gain more paid sponsorship of posts, if you’re producing awesome content that resonates with your fans, you’ll definitely reach beyond 16% of your fan base. 

Research suggests an engagement rate above 1% is good, with an average of around 2% - Source. This to me seems exceptionally low, and would think anything between 5-10% would be acceptable. The key to improving your engagement rate is having an integrated social media plan into your overall marketing strategy, with engaging content that actually speaks to your target audience.

Sam Howie

Sam Howie has given his heart to digital and social marketing and enjoys challenging the norms that traditional advertising agencies have been trading on for years.