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Getting visibility in the long white cloud with Aamplify and Marketo

by Aden Forrest Managing Director Marketo Australia and New Zealand

Aden Forest - MD of Marketo Asia Pacific

Aden Forest - MD of Marketo Asia Pacific

We all know that there are lots of great things about New Zealand – the countryside, the love of sport, the lifestyle, the skiing. I know lots of people who say the greatest thing about being a Kiwi is that you’re not an Aussie.

Even though it’s a beautiful place to live, it can be a difficult environment when it comes to running a business. For a start, there are only 4.4 million people to sell to.

That makes marketing a zero sum game. When you bring in new business it’s probably at the expense of your competitors. That can be big call if you’re fighting for share against major international brands with sizeable ad budgets.

The good news is, we Kiwis are early adopters and avid consumers of social media: more than half are on Facebook and most of those are on it daily [1]. Even more are regular users of YouTube [2]. Being online is part of life for a large part of the population.

That creates an opportunity for local brands to stand out from the big international players. After all, the All Blacks and Air New Zealand are the most liked pages on Facebook. And Whittaker’s Chocolates is on a par with McDonalds for local likes. Even Shortland Street has close to 250,000 Facebook thumbs up. We like local brands.

Aamplify is a Marketo Services Partner in NZ

Aamplify is a Marketo Services Partner in NZ

Now, with the growth of cloud-based solutions, when it comes to marketing, local companies can access the same sophisticated tools used by the major brands.

Marketo is a case in point. The concept of using unique content to nurture prospects is nothing new, but we’re helping a lot of local companies to put it into practise. Marketing automation with Marketo means you can develop the same sophisticated campaigns as the big guys, but you can do it better.

In fact, we’ve seen a mind shift with some of our new Kiwi customers. In the face of increased competition, many had looked at CRM solutions as a means to drive efficiency in sales. Their focus had been on reducing costs. Now, with Marketo, they’re recognising the ability to grow EBITDA through revenue growth – a far more fruitful pursuit.

How are they winning more sales if it’s a zero sum game? Who is losing out? Almost certainly, it’s those international players who don’t understand the local market. Nobody can talk to a Kiwi better than another Kiwi.

So, the cloud brings international tools to your doorstep, but there’s nothing like being local when it comes to winning a sale.



Aden Forrest

Managing Director, Marketo New Zealand and Australia