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The 5 Insights of Buyer Persona Research

If you want to build effective marketing communications - start with your buyers. This slideshare summarises the 5 areas of insight you gain when you undertake Buyer Persona Research. This makes website design, sales campaign design and comm's design faster, easy and more efficient.

Buyer Persona Research is a powerful way to rapidly understand WHY people buy from you. It means you can develop sales and marketing campaigns that deliver sales results. Enabling you to get the attention of buyers, speak to then in terms that they understand and connect your brand to them. Generally you have 30 seconds or less to get your message across - designing your web content, video content or marketing automation campaigns to resonate with buyers optimises Return On Investment for marketing spend. This presentation is about the 5 key insights that Buyer Persona research gives you. Includes references to Street Art, Banksy, Madmen, Apollo 13, Alice in Wonderland, The Office (US), Adele Revella, Buyer Persona Institute, Dotan Negrin - Street Performer from New York City.


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