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Understanding your Buyers is the Key

Can you ask yourself something, and I need you to be honest…

Mechanics of a buyers brain

Mechanics of a buyers brain

Yes, I’m sure your product or service is the best on the market and all the others are inferior - but before asking this question, can you strip away your biased, one-eyed opinion of your business. Because what I’m about to ask is the most vital aspect to the existence of your company. With your hand on your heart, can you honestly tell me that you know who your buyers are? “Ambiguous question” you might think… well, what we’re really getting at is this: do you know exactly why you attain customers and what exactly they did to engage with you?

We live in a world with so much choice, too many options, and more variations of products and services than we can poke a stick at. With a world full of possibilities, do you know why your buyers choose your product as opposed to all the others vying for attention on the market? Or more importantly, do you know why they choose your competitors?

It’s a common misconception that sales and marketing teams know what their buyers are looking for. They tend to focus the messaging on their product rather than the value it adds to the buyers, and the pain points that it solves. Buyers go through an involved process we call the ‘Buying Journey’, but it’s hard to determine exactly what they were looking for, what exactly they did, what worked and what didn’t.

The Buyer Persona research is a qualitative piece of research that uncovers these questions. It enables an oragnisation to know exactly what type of behavior and characteristics their typical buyer has. It empowers sales and marketing teams to eliminate the guesswork, be more efficient and sets the right tone through their marketing content.

This is a unique piece of research that is currently underutilised in New Zealand, and I’ve seen first hand the difference this can make to an organisation’s entire web design, online and brand messaging. 


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