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As a qualified journalist Thomas has always been intrigued by the goings-on of the world and the captivating stories just waiting to be told.


After originally harbouring ambitions to be a newsreader, Thomas found far more potential to engage with audiences through the written word. From university he landed a job at M2 Magazine writing across their various titles, including M2 Australia and M2woman (don’t worry ladies, he wasn’t writing the advice columns, although he would’ve done a great job nonetheless).


During his time at M2 Thomas found himself talking to Dan Carter about undies, Shane Warne about beer and Taika Waititi about making an Air New Zealand safety video, among many other interesting experiences. Having honed his content marketing prowess at M2 collaborating with brands like Audi, Lion and Converse, he’s decided to leave the magazine world behind and really get his hands dirty at Aamplify, working across our diverse client portfolio and ensuring everything copy-related is in tip-top shape. When he’s not writing and strategising you might struggle to track him down, as he’s likely to be roaming new destinations both here and abroad.