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Simon is our link between the strategy and the creative. He delves deep to understand exactly what it is the business and brand needs to achieve.


Simon is a writer, a creative and a strategist, all bundled-up into one, local, ‘Client Partner’ package. He loves writing and developing content that explains what a product does, but more importantly, the difference a product can make to a business’s or a person’s life. He enjoys creating those hooks or triggers that nudge or disrupt people out from the day to day, and into the here and now.
Simon is probably best known for the work he’s done as a brand development specialist – building brands and the stories that bring them to life. While he was Director of Strategy and Creative at Bang, he developed the now well-known ‘Brand Foundations Report’ methodology, and all Bang’s brand development process. He’s also one of the leading brand archetype specialists in Australia.
Over the last few years, Simon has worked on brand and marketing projects for organisations as diverse as Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, The City of Sydney, Charlie and Co., Snag Stand, and various not-for-profits and charities.
With Aamplify, Simon will continue to work with clients in New Zealand and Australia, developing content marketing, delivering digital experiences and creating brands.


When he’s not working...

Books, music, fitness and family: that pretty-much sums up Simon’s other interests. He’s currently re-teaching himself piano which, he says, ‘Is as frustrating as it is enjoyable’.