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As UX Designer, Rahul's passion is advocating for users’ needs in everything from product design to usability. 


His career began in 2004, with a small digital agency in New Delhi as a Graphic Designer.


Rahul is a self-confessed "Fitness Freak", spending his down-time taking an interest in fitness training to become a certified trainer in the future.


At work Rahul is a problem solver, improver and next level thinker. He spends his time designing processes, prototyping and fixing any technical issue thrown his way.


In cricketing parlance, Rahul would be referred to as a genuine 'all rounder' and a hugely talented one at that! He has worked and studied hard to acquire a wealth of knowledge and richness of experience across multiple disciplines within the wonderful world of cyberspace. His confidence and track record qualifies him to state unequivocally that he indeed is 'a skilled, professional all rounder'.


Rahul was the opening batsman for the New Delhi under 18's team - give him the bat and he will score some runs.