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A creative at heart, anna thrives in the aamplify family


Armed with a Bachelor of Arts (double major in Anthropology and Art History) and Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (both from The University of Auckland), Anna adds another dimension to her role as Account Keeper for the Aamplify team.


Anna’s background in the social sciences and education, combined with her general interest in people and their behaviour, have equipped her with a body of knowledge that lends itself well to the world of marketing. Staying close to her creative roots, Aamplify has allowed Anna to immerse herself in the story’s of our clients.


In addition to her academic qualifications, Anna’s past roles have included Actor/Talent Agent, PA and Dance Instructor/Examiner. However, despite having led a varied career path, Anna’s most challenging (and most rewarding!) role to date would be that of mother to her two children.