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Access the right mix of experience, knowledge and passion – with a background in software, technology and professional services marketing.

Natalie has the energy, the passion and the skill to succeed. Let her take you where you want to go.


As a vegetarian beef cattle farmer with 20 years’ experience in marketing, Natalie is just as at home in her Blundstone work boots walking the paddocks as she is in stilettos presenting to the board. Variety, diversity and the-next-big-challenge are what both interests and drives her - deep seeded DNA at work.


On the professional side, Natalie has marketing know-how within a revenue generation context. Her deep understanding of how to get cut-through within a highly competitive market, and the use of right-time, right-person, and right-message programs comes from years of practise. Using data and competitor research along with target segment profiles ensures outcomes and program ROI is achieved. And it all comes together via active and pro-active communication, stakeholder engagement and close working relationships with all (relevant) parties, both internal and external. After all, it’s no good generating market interest and qualified leads if you are not aligned with sales to ensure they drive those opportunities through the pipeline, and close them. It’s just what she does – day-in, day-out.


She has loads of experience behind her; achieving quarter-on-quarter KPIs and earning 100% of bonuses based on measured outcomes. She’s worked with product management teams throughout all stages of the solution lifecycle, spoken at Women in IT conferences, and has generated over $2.5M in the sales pipeline (leads generated from recent digital/social/traditional integrated tactics campaigning). Natalie develops strong sales and consultant relationships (yes they hassle her daily for information and insight), her mentor is a leader in his field and she does her best thinking during early morning jogs. However the greatest part is that she has so much more ahead of her – and that’s exciting.


Natalie Day

Client Partner

Country girl footing it with the city slickers

Natalie has marketing know-how within a revenue generation context. Her deep understanding of how to get cut-through within a highly competitive market, and the use of right-time, right-person, and right-message programs comes from years of practise.

Offering strategic leadership at the nexus of brand + culture + design, Margaret is a champion for the power of attraction, win-win relationships and integrated brand experiences. 


Beginning her career as a designer, Margaret is a recovering advertising agency creative. In true Aamplify form, she combines right-brain creativity with left-brain strategy to help clients build brand equity. She holds her MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, her BA from UC Berkeley, and an advanced coaching certification from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. Margaret is also the author, researcher and co-creative director of Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists. She thinks in systems, strategies and surprises. She creates in metaphor, music and story. 


As Client Partner, Margaret delivers strategic brand, design and business solutions while developing content marketing, demand generation and digital experiences.


Margaret has been called an information junkie with a childlike curiosity and is known for having an insatiable appetite for travel, trends and technologies.


“When the old map makers got to the edge of the world, they used to write, ‘beyond this place there be dragons’.” 

- Out of Africa


Margaret Hartwell

Client Partner

brand + culture + design

Working at the intersection of creativity and business, Margaret has been helping to develop successful brands in both the U.S. and Europe for over two decades. She leads our North American engagements, bringing subject matter expertise in the use of archetypes in branding. 

At work:

Founder, Strategist, Marketeer

Sam founded Aamplify back in 2012 for one reason: Marketing is changing.

The days of forcing your message in front of someone and hoping it sticks are dead. Now, if you want to survive and have an edge on the competition, you need to make an emotional connection with your prospective customers. Sam’s vision of the digital-social change we are experiencing, and how it is fundamentally altering the way we market, was the inspiration behind Aamplify.

On a day-to-day basis, that's exactly what Sam does: He helps clients get results by making an emotional connection with their customers – even in B2B marketing. He also runs the business side of Aamplify.

Outside of Work:

Photographer & Film Maker

Sam likes to keep the creative juices flowing. So outside of work you'll find him indulging in his two main hobbies: film making and photography. 

He's even taken his interest in film making as far as attending film school in New York, where he learned to direct a full, screen-ready film. 

A quote you'll often hear from Sam...

"The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency you have"

- Jim Carrey

Samuel Williams

Managing Partner

Chief Storyteller

Former VP of Marketing, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director. Today he's a Virtual CMO and Chief Storyteller transforming how tech companies and pro-services firms go to market.

Georgina is a fun-loving, hard-working, and creative marketing professional with over 9 years of experience covering demand generation, brand development and strategic digital marketing to drive sales. Exposure to both agency and client-side has enabled her to develop a broad set of marketing skills which encompass creative thinking and an innovative approach to delivering on measurable business goals.


With a background in tech and professional services marketing she’s no stranger to understanding complex propositions and interpreting them in a customer centric fashion- blending business needs with creative spark when conceiving, developing and executing on point marketing campaigns.


Excited by now much of marketing in this day and age is data driven, she believes that here should be no lack of understanding when it comes to what makes your marketing and sales efforts successful in the 21st century.


When she’s not driving demand for clients, you’ll find Georgina pursuing her second passion: ballroom dancing!

Georgina Bondfield

Demand Generation Success Director

The fleet-footed fox trotter

Georgina’s all-consuming passion is telling a compelling brand story through creative design.

With over 20 years experience working a variety of production roles in New Zealand and the UK, Paula is excited to start her next challenge as Production Director at Aamplify.


Paula’s career in production began in the photography industry, first as an office manager and then as founding director of an agency in Auckland. Wanting to expand on her experience, she jetted off to London and spent the next nine years working in various production roles for photography and advertising agencies. A job offer with an internationally acclaimed production company brought Paula back to New Zealand’s shores, but it wasn’t long until her entrepreneurial spirit flared once more and she took a step out of her comfort zone to attend the inaugural Lightning Lab in Wellington with her co-founders, to work on their business idea.  After two and a half years and two successful rounds of fund raising, Paula and her co-founders sold the business in August 2015. 


Looking for a role where she could utilise all the skills she’d collected throughout her career, Paula has joined Aamplify as Production Director. Paula supports all areas of the business, keeping the team focused and on task so we can achieve our client’s goals. 


In her downtime Paula loves attending exhibitions, gigs and the theatre. She recently finished training as a Red Cross Volunteer for the Refugee Resettlement Program where she will assist a family to settle into New Zealand and empower them to achieve their goals in their new home. 

Paula Nightingale

Production Director

Chief WIP

A producer at heart, Paula is passionate about executing great ideas and making things happen – in time and on budget of course. Paula draws inspiration from the people and immense talent working in the creative industries. 

Tim has a keen interest in how technology can change the world we live in.


Whether it be amazing new products that were previously unimaginable, or the new dimension digital media can add to marketing campaigns, he is fascinated by the value that can be created by using measurable data to truly understanding the way people interact with a brand or product. Tim is a Marketo Certified Consultant.


Having delved into the local startup scene and previously worked for one of the Big 4 accounting firms, Tim holds a Commerce and Law conjoint degree from the University of Auckland and has been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.


Tim enjoys taking time out to work on his own startup ideas, practice photography, or travel the globe. Next on his list: Cuba!

Timothy Roberts

Technology Director

Changing the world one user experience at a time

Tim is fascinated by the value that can be created in truly understanding the way people interact with a brand or product through measurable data.


Max is a natural problem solver, using his creative talent to find solutions to challenging projects.


Max uses design as a communication platform to bring ideas to life. Over the last 15 years he has cultivated a deep understanding of the various aesthetic requirements in different media forms. Now armed with a keen intuition and an eye for detail, Max heads up the design team as Creative Director, overseeing all work that comes out of the studio, from digital to print and everything in between.
Before joining Aamplify, Max was based in Melbourne, leading the in-house creative team for a telecommunications company. Moving home to NZ has been a bit of an adjustment, but he definitely doesn’t miss the snakes (not that he ever saw one).
When he’s not at his computer – Mac of course – Max enjoys getting out on the court, field or pitch and playing sport. Top mentions include golf, tennis, soccer and basketball.

Max Allen

Creative Director

The Creative Chugger

Max thrives on creating clean, user-friendly design that tells a compelling brand story.

With over a decade of experience in marketing, Jamie enjoys working with clients to build relationships and collaborate on projects that add value to their business.


Jamie began her marketing career as a graphic designer, gaining her qualification from Unitec in Auckland. Working in a variety of roles, both agency and client side, Jamie has a comprehensive understanding of how to build and maintain strong agency-client relationships, working towards measurable goals that benefit all parties involved. 


As Executive Director, Jamie keeps the team working together as a cohesive unit. With a deep knowledge of core business operations, Jamie offers moral support and team building activities to ensure the staff at Aamplify come to work everyday with a smile, ready to create magnetic demand for their client’s brands. 

Outside of work Jamie is all about her children, of which she has two. The whole family love outdoor activities, especially camping. 

Jamie Worrall

Client Partner and Talent Director

Camp Mother

Jamie is passionate about marketing and the influence of technology on digital marketing strategy and customer experience design.


As a qualified journalist Thomas has always been intrigued by the goings-on of the world and the captivating stories just waiting to be told.


After originally harbouring ambitions to be a newsreader, Thomas found far more potential to engage with audiences through the written word. From university he landed a job at M2 Magazine writing across their various titles, including M2 Australia and M2woman (don’t worry ladies, he wasn’t writing the advice columns, although he would’ve done a great job nonetheless).


During his time at M2 Thomas found himself talking to Dan Carter about undies, Shane Warne about beer and Taika Waititi about making an Air New Zealand safety video, among many other interesting experiences. Having honed his content marketing prowess at M2 collaborating with brands like Audi, Lion and Converse, he’s decided to leave the magazine world behind and really get his hands dirty at Aamplify, working across our diverse client portfolio and ensuring everything copy-related is in tip-top shape. When he’s not writing and strategising you might struggle to track him down, as he’s likely to be roaming new destinations both here and abroad.

Thomas Patterson

Content Strategist

The roving reporter

When he’s not writing and strategising you might struggle to track him down, as he’s likely to be roaming new destinations both in New Zealand and abroad.


As Aamplify’s UX designer, Jenny designs digital experiences that delight both clients and their customers. 

Jenny is innovative, conceptual, and has applied knowledge in visual, spatial and interactive design. Coming from a background in architecture, Jenny has worked on New Zealand's largest infrastructure project - the Auckland City Rail Link - before moving on to Crimson Education, an international education consulting company, to strategise and design their learning management system. 


Jenny holds a Master of Design in human centered design and is passionate about developing digital platforms that transform the way we interact with content. She is an advocate of good service design and brings a fresh and relevant perspective to the way people engage with digital interfaces.


When she’s not at work, you’ll find Jenny drawing, swimming or exploring the great outdoors. Word on the street is she also makes a killer scrambled eggs!

Jenny Yan

User Experience Designer

Scrambled Eggspert

Design-thinking sits at the heart of what Jenny does day to day. Her ability to embrace context and technicality ensures a seamless experience for the end users, transforming a concept into reality. 

Thomas is Aamplify's Digital Marketing Specialist, creating, executing and analysing campaigns for a range of clients.


With a diverse background spanning both fitness and acting, Thomas stumbled upon his passion for marketing and returned to university to study a Bachelor of Communications in digital media and advertising.


Our resident fitness guru can be found at the gym or playing American football in his free time. Competitive by nature, he is achievement orientated and determined to deliver consistent improvement for clients.


Thomas Moon

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rocket Man

At the gym or in the office, Thomas pushes himself constantly to better the results achieved

Matt has always been naturally design-inclined and his skills are entirely self-taught. He learned Photoshop at the age of 12 and taught himself programming and developing in his teens.


This drive to grow his expertise has become addictive and Matt now counts print design, video editing, photography and film among his many skills.

From building websites at 14, Matt has gone on to do freelance web development, as well as honing his skills in graphic design at his father’s architecture firm. The aspect he enjoys most about his job is getting to work on new projects all the time, thinking up new ideas and applying lessons from previous work to new scenarios.

Matt’s hobbies include watching cricket, cooking and music. In fact, he used to be a DJ on George FM until a former Prime Minister's son took over.

Matt Gascoigne

Digital Designer

Cooking Up New Ideas

Coming from a background in technology, Matt is a digital designer who brings his expansive knowledge and flair (as well as a passion for cooking) to the table.

Drew's passion for technology and innovation allows him to stand out from the crowd


In his final year of his BCom/BA degree at the University of Auckland, Drew takes care of tasks ranging from social selling to finance, and everything in between. Drew's can-do attitude to every task is a testament to his reliability, perseverance and efficiency.

Student of Economics, Finance and Mandarin Chinese, Drew is happy to help with just about anything – including leftovers. Outside of work, Drew is a keen outdoors man and likes to get out on the harbour as often as possible. He is also a keen skier during the winter months.

Drew McCartie

Social Demand Generation

The man with a plan

A hard-worker and efficient operator, Drew hasn't met a task he couldn't complete